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5 Tips to a successful and stress free move from London Removals

Moving house or office is something that all of us approach with as much caution and in trepidation as we do with anticipation and excitement. Moving day for many will undoubtedly test even the steeliest nerve, especially when relocating to, from or within a congested city or area such as London.

Here at London Removals we offer a broad range of house removals London services and office removals London services to accommodate the relocation needs and requirements of a wide range of clients and customers. With many years’ experience behind us, not simply with the physical aspect of removals but also working with local councils, police and government officials when required to plan your entire move to be as smooth and stress free as possible. We even have storage services if you in need to store your belongings into a secure location and you can keep your items in there for as long as you need.

Giving you straight forward and uncomplicated advice, assistance and access to the right services for you, regarding any commercial or domestic move, it is our sole focus to present the most efficient, cost effect solution for your move. Through our continual mission to offer great advice for any moving day, here are a few great tips and ideas to help make your day run smoothly…

  • Use a calendar or wall chart, we know it may be a little old school but trust us. It will allow you to set important reminders such as when to cancel certain services and subscriptions, or perhaps even how to best plan ways in which to use up supplies and food in the fridge, boosting your efficiency overall.
  • Do consider researching the area you are moving to, whether for public amenities, local schools, bus routes and recreational activities, in addition to supermarkets and local bars, shops and restaurants or any other places of interest. Local council websites and many other online sites offer great insights into the area you are relocating to.
  • Streamline – sell anything that you have no further need for in your new home or office. Items such as kitchen appliances, furniture that is excess to requirements and more can be cleaned out and sold to recoup some, if not all of the moving cost. You can often be surprised at how much can be collected over the years and a new move can often mean a new, fresh start.
  • Shop around for the right company to move your belongings. Often try to establish a company’s ability to successfully move you to your new location based on their reputation and professionalism. Often choosing the cheapest option could mean further costs down the line and a poorer service. Here at London Removal, all our work is automatically covered up to the value of £20,000 and we are hugely competitive on prices too!
  • Finally, keep important documentation with you throughout the move. Birth certificates, marriage certificates, deeds to your property, passports and other important papers and documents all should be kept safe on your person to avoid accidental loss during transit.  With our removals boxes in London service you need to make a survival box filled with essentials and avoid beginning the unpacking process, if arriving late at night when you reach your destination is also a great tip, placing that box in the vehicle you intend to travel in.

We hope that you find these tips helpful and remember, call our team on 0203 389 8826 today or view the website to successfully plan your move now. As London Removal are your source for a quality London removals service.